Thinking Voice

img_0124As the air in the room hums and the feet drum there isn’t much to do at the moment. An escape into word as the keys echo on the keyboard, a slow rhythm. Looking for a silver lining as the sunlight passes through the filter of clouds. How the leaves seem to glow green as the light hits the top. A cough and the turning of a page. And under it all the insistent ring so constant it is often overlooked as I unconsciously raise my voice to be heard over the EEEE and AAAA and perhaps a little OMM all mixed together in the frequency of ringing. Yes it certainly sounds like a frequency and the closest I can get without using the word ‘ring’ is the sound of electricity. Or perhaps the sound of an night of endless crickets in an airy field.

I think thoughts and wonder what the voice which I think in sounds like. The voice of my thoughts is majestic and deep while light as air and feminine. I suppose at times the voice of my thoughts would be male when I focus on the deep resonance it must cast. Have you ever wondered what you thoughts would sound like? If you stopped and listen to the sound of a thought, would you think as you talk or does that voice seem different.

Even my real voice to me seems deeper in talking than in hearing a recording. The recording seems to take away the power. Now I have gotten complements on my way of speech where people often cannot place where I am from. In my hometown as a child people would ask where I was from because I talked differently.

My Brother said it was because I was talked to the most by my sister, who he believed was faking an English accent. Others have told me I sound exactly like my Mother. To this day, people in the state I grew up in ask me where I’m from. Usually, people think I sound Irish. Yet that is my talking voice.

If you heard my thinking voice, what would you think? What quality do my thoughts sound like to you?

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