Artistic Journey: Internet


The stillness of a college town in the midst of summer when the buildings are surprisingly empty compared to the Fall and Winter Semester. Once stressed out, if hopeful students would fill this huge building leaning towards vacant. I am here to answer questions and when questions are not asked an information desk is a quiet place to remain. So I turn to writing, even if there is a risk of being interrupted mid-sentence.

The topic of this site is Art, and I couldn’t think of an Artsy topic to write about. So I have begun to type out a post hoping the subject and title will find me. I have to say my Artwork has more to do with color shape and balance than conveying the intense emotions of life. I am like a traveler who takes no pictures when emotion hits. I get so wrapped up in the feeling that I do not stop to draw.

I created my Father’s Day card for my Father yesterday. Of which I will post closer to the holiday. I got to turn on my inner illustrator and design a chess greeting card. Given I have drawn horses in the past, creating a Knight chess piece for the front was not a difficult task. Now that I have joined Printful, I hope they offer Greeting Cards (and postcards) for print in the future. My Etsy site is still under construction and is currently empty. It is easy to make the images, but all the editing that goes into turning it into a finished product takes time.

I do not know if after I get everything up in running I will be a success, but I wanted to make my Art accessible. Otherwise, the files would just build up on my computer/tablet as they have been doing.

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